Our Story


A call to service

In 2000, Dr. Washington-Turay arrived in Sierra Leone for the first time during its devastating Civil War prior to the arrival of the The United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone. Despite the crisis in Sierra Leone Dr. Washington-Turay provided medical care to those who needed it most.  Her strong faith in God and experience as an active duty nurse in the Air Force equipped her with the fortitude, courage, and knowledge to pursue her calling. She was willing to risk her life. She believed God had ordained for to travel to the land of her heritage. She founded GHI with the principle that “Our bodies are the temple of the living God; hence, we are God’s House". 

Prior to leaving the United States for Sierra Leone Dr. Washington-Turay packed a few pieces of clothing in a suitcase. In the spirit of service, she packed the tools of her trade, a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, a large bottle of penicillin, several large bottles of Tylenol and Motrin along with her desire to serve in any capacity possible. She was not certain of the devastation she would encounter in war-torn Sierra Leone where the rates of infant and maternal mortality are amongst the highest in world. The health care system was in dire need of development as a whole. 

As she began to grasp the realization of the situation, she asked God, what should she do in such a ravaged place. God led her to the scripture in Matthews 25:35-40 “…When I was hungry you gave Me food... I was sick and you visited Me....". She went door to door, seeking those in need of physical, mental, and spiritual care.

Bridging the gaps

Almost 20 years later, God's House International Incorporated has grown into a vanguard for health consciousness. GHI services include Outreach to underserved communities, Women’s Empowerment focused on mental, physical, and spiritual health of women's issues, and Community Awareness and Health Prevention seminars such as: HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular, cancer, asthma, breast/cervical screening, hypertension, hepatitis C, sexually transmitted diseases, and vaccines education. 

God's House International Foundation

God's House International Foundation, the non profit entity, is a 501c3 organization that started in March 2000. GHI Foundation began to provide health and social services at a minimal cost or no cost. GHI provides scholarships, grants, and services to underserved communities including youth, seniors, women, and low income individuals and families. Health and social services include: medical care, education, community awareness programs, the provisions of meals, career mentorship, economic development, and women’s empowerment.

God's House International LLC

God's House International LLC, the for profit entity, earns funds through consultative services, trainings, medical services, and health prevention seminars such as HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular, and cancer. The Career Mentorship component - Nurse exchange program- provides U.S. volunteers an opportunity to work in the GHI Clinic in Sierra Leone for a fee. They can gain International Medical Outreach experience and money from the fees fund GHI Foundation work. The GHI LLC funds the work of GHI Foundation.