Our Global Programs

GHI Clinic in Sierra Leone


Our flagship initiative, the God's House Clinic is located in Marjay Town, just 15 minutes from the capital city of Freetown, Sierra Leone. God's House projects in Sierra Leone have provided health education, medical care, food, clothing, and more to thousands of Sierra Leoneans over the past almost 20 years. Additionally, scholarships have been provided school fees for disadvantaged Sierra Leonean Children.

U.S. Virgin Islands


In the U.S. Virgin Islands God's House has provided consultative services to Per Ankh, the USVI Department of Health, and HOPE Inc. Work in the USVI includes speaking engagements, cholesterol screening, and HIV testing. In conjunction with the National Coalition for Homelessness, God's House International conducts several Community Awareness programs. This program involves provision of meals to low income and homeless individuals and families.

United States


In the United States, God's House focuses on medical care, in-home health care for the elderly, health care for the incarcerated and homeless population, and educational programs that inform the public about important health issues. The GHI Fellows program aims to provide academically distinguished, low-income, and at-risk youth an opportunity to strengthen their understanding of global trade, commerce, entrepreneurship, medical education, and cultural exchange.  



Community Initiatives in USVI 2006 

National Black Church Prayer Week for HIV / AIDS, USVI 2007 

National Women and Girls HIV / AIDS Awareness Day Event 2007 

Rummage Sale Fundraiser, USVI 2006, 2007 

Community Feeding Programs, USVI 2007 

National Black AIDS Awareness Day Event, USVI 20007 

HIV / AIDS Outreach at God's House Clinic, Sierra Leone 2007 

HIV / AIDS Outreach, Sierra Leone 2008 

Women's Empowerment Event, Sierra Leone 2008 

Afakan Liberation Day, USVI 2008 

School-to-School Program, Sierra Leone 2008 

GHI Volunteers at World AIDs Conference, Mexico 2008 

Fundraiser for Mission to Sierra Leone, NYC 2009 

HIV / AIDS Outreach, Sierra Leone 2009 

School-to-School Program, Sierra Leone 2009 

Woman's Empowerment Event, Sierra Leone 2009 

Pilot HIV / AIDS Peer Educators Outreach, Sierra Leone 2009 

GHI wins Sierra Leone Excellence Award for Health 2009 

GHI wins Gathering of Africa's Best Award for Health 2009 

50th Jubilee Healthcare Outreach, Sierra Leone 2011 

Medical Mission, Sierra Leone 2011 

Medical Ministry Mission & Health Outreach, Sierra Leon 2012 

Medical Mission, Sierra Leone 2014 

Inauguration of GHI Fellows Scholarship Program 2016