“Bridging medical, cultural, social and economical gaps, at home and abroad.”

Gods House International, Inc. is a vanguard for health consciousness. Currently, we focus strongly on the issues of homelessness, health promotion and disease prevention, including HIV/AIDS. We act to decrease the incidence of health disparities that exist, primarily amongst people of color.

Our Work

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Yvonne Washington-Turay , Founder



We provide a host of services in Sierra Leone, St. Thomas and the U.S.A. and are present at Global events in order to stay abreast of current developments in the medical and cultural arenas. View Portfolio


  • God’s House is on YouTube! – View the Documentary

    We have had several videos published on Youtube. Now, visit us on our very own Youtube site! See below our most recent Documentary about the Founder of God’s House International, Yvonne Washington-Turay here: ...

  • National Nurse’s Week May 6-12, 2013

    For Nurse’s Week of May 2013 we introduce The Nurse Practitioner’s Anthem and Nurse’s Theme songs written by Yvonne Washington-Turay, Founder of God’s House International. See below links and lyrics to these beautiful compositions which are a tribute to Nurses and NPs wo ...

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